Internships offer valuable public engagement, develop professional competence and a record of achievement, teach from/with a diverse group of people, provide contacts who might be helpful after graduation, and sometimes provide a salary. Internships include experiences at: museums, libraries, archives, historical societies and sites, community action programs, performance troupes, historic preservation/restoration organizations, film-making, archaeological sites, government agencies, and/or public social service agencies.

Internships may be taken during the summer or academic year, instead of or in addition to regular course work. Internships for graduate credit hours must be negotiated with a supervising faculty member and the agency, within one’s approved Plan of Study. Internships may only be awarded credit hours on a pass-fail (S-U) basis.

General requirements of the Graduate College require a prerequisite of 15 s.h. and a 3.0 grade point average.

The Department of American Studies has no specific continuing internship arrangement with any agency. But, the Department has on an individual basis worked with numerous agencies (e.g., University of Iowa Museums, Brucemore National Historic Site) and individuals to arrange for and negotiate internships. See an academic advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies for further information.