Bachelor of Arts in Sport Studies

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in sport studies requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including 45 s.h. of work for the major (30 s.h. in sport studies and 15 s.h. in an outside concentration area or a minor). Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the major and in all UI courses for the major. At least 24 s.h. of credit for the major must be earned at the University of Iowa.

The major examines sport in its historical and contemporary cultural contexts. Course work provides students with the critical skills necessary to understand the cultural significance of sport as it relates to the media, the economy, the political system, and the educational system. A focus on the race, class, and gender differences in the sport experience is central to the major.

Many students use their experience in the program to prepare for graduate school. For others, the required second concentration area or minor serves as an introduction to careers in a number of fields, such as sport journalism, sport management, or coaching.

Listed below are the general categories of coursework required to earn the degree; for more specific information on courses, curriculum, and requirements of the Bachelor of Arts in sport studies, visit the UI General Catalog.

Coursework Requirements
Title Hours
Sport Studies Foundation courses 6
Sport Studies Core courses 12
Electives (approved courses) 12
Outside Concentration Area or Minor courses 15
Total Hours 45