Friday, March 5, 2021

Hannibal for dinner book cover

The new and second book co-edited by Dr. Nick Yanes (PhD 2014) is now out ( Hannibal for Dinner: Essays on America's Favorite Cannibal on Television

Edited by Kyle S. Moody & Nicolas Yanes

NBC's Hannibal only lasted for three seasons but became a critical darling and quickly inspired a ravenous fanbase. Bryan Fuller's adaptation of Hannibal Lecter's adventures created a new set of fans and a cult audience through its stunning visuals, playful characters, and mythical tableaus of violence that doubled as works of art. The show became a nexus point for viewers that explored consumption, queerness, beauty, crime, and the meaning of love through a lens of blood and gore. Much like the show, this collection is a love letter to America's favorite cannibal, celebrating the multiple ways that Hannibal expanded the mythology, food culture, fandom, artistic achievements, and religious symbolism of the work of Thomas Harris. Primarily focusing on Hannibal, this book combines interviews and academic essays that examine the franchise, its evolution, creatively bold risks, and the art of creating a TV show that consumed the hearts and minds of its audience.